Winter Surf Hire Guide

As the winter season rolls in, surfers are gearing up to brave the chilly waves, and Wavehunters are here to provide the ultimate winter surf experience.

winter surfing

In this article, we will delve into the unique considerations and offerings for winter surf hire with Wavehunters, ensuring that surfers are well-equipped to take on the colder waters and make the most of the season.

Surfing in Winter

The key to surfing in winter is keeping warm and comfortable, allowing your body to continue to fluidly move in the waves rather than stuck with teeth chattering stiffness. We understand that more than anyone and with a surf school open all year round we have a specialist inventory filled with essentials created to do just that- keep you warm. Staying protected from the harshness of winter surfing will allow you to keep surfing as you would in summer with minimal safety risks. 

Selecting the Correct Winter Surf Gear

Selecting the correct winter gear can be an intimidating process, especially with the constant varying surf conditions as we approach winter. A general rule of thumb for hiring winter gear is when the water drops to 11 degrees or less and the air temperature drops alongside that new bitter winter wind, we transition from 4/3 mm suits to 5/4 mm. This helps to keep the core body temperature regulated, giving you the chance to keep surfing no matter the temperature. Often you will find your hands and feet start to lose feeling first so we have also updated our boots and gloves this year for a thicker, more comfortable feel to keep you moving. A little tip from us to you, make sure to tuck your wetsuit sleeve/legs over your gloves and boots, that way less water can filter into your suit, keeping you warmer for longer. 

Our Surf Hire Process

Surf hire has never been easier, open everyday 10am onwards and with an abundance of equipment, all you need to do is show up! With a tonne of specialist winter equipment in all sizes, there is no need to prebook. Just come in, let our team know what you would like to hire and pay! The only thing we need from you is a safety deposit such as a bank card, driving licence or even better, we can also look after your car keys. At our Watergate Bay location we have lockers for your belongings and hot showers to warm up after the surf. Hire for 2 hours or several days, you can take the equipment away with you and drop back during our opening hours. Our expert team can also offer advice on what to hire and when depending on conditions, with Wavehunters you are in safe hands. 

Winter Surfing Challenges

Winter surfing can bring new and challenging conditions that require extra safety precautions. One of the biggest challenges is Winter swell, with bouts of 10-15 ft waves (even 20ft+), navigating these harsh waters can be challenging especially when you mix spring tides into the equation. With surging waves, these conditions can be incredibly dangerous for all. However this is not always the case and you can often have fun, calm waves with big swells that are perfect for a body board session. We suggest having a chat with our team who can advise you where to surf, when to surf and what to be careful of. We can guide you to adapt how you surf the strong waters and can offer an insight as to how to understand the local forecasting systems. With the correct gear and knowledge of surf conditions, a cold winter dip or a surf can be equally as safe as the summer.  

We hope this winter surf hire guide has offered an insight into navigating your way into surfing throughout winter allowing you to confidently embrace the cold water. By understanding the specialist equipment, our rental process and the key safety considerations, we hope our winter surf warriors can make the most of our top-quality gear and enjoy the exhilarating cold winter waves.

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