6 Reasons Why You Should Try Surf Lessons

Explore why you should try surf lessons with Wavehunters. Accelerated learning, enhance safety and become part of a thriving community.

Try surf lessons

Investing your time and money into surf lessons is highly beneficial in multiple ways, not only will it speed up your learning but open you up to new health benefits, a large surfing community and overall help you in your surfing journey. This blog is for the beginner surfers out there or those intermediate surfers wanting to take their skill to the next level. With over 20 years of experience, Wavehunters is the perfect school for all ages and levels with competitive surf lesson prices that include equipment, we are the best option. 

Building a Solid Foundation:

Laying the foundation for surfing is key to learning lifelong surfing skills. By having the perfect ‘pop-up’ and stance, you will set the base in which all improver and intermediate skills are created. Even something as simple as turning left or right on a wave needs the correct positioning and movement which is taught in your first lesson. Refining your techniques will allow your surfing to become more fluid and second nature to you, making your surfing journey more enjoyable. 

Safety First:

Surf lessons not only teach you how to surf but how to surf safely. The RNLI offers guidance in surfing safety and etiquette, complementing Wavehunters’ surf lessons which prioritise teaching essential safety measures for enjoying the waves responsibly. A key part of every surf lesson with us is the safety talk. We will teach you how to protect yourself and others in the water, how to spot rip currents and more, making sure you have a large bank of knowledge to surf alone with minimal risk. Lessons help you feel confident in the water which in turn will help progress your surfing. 

Accelerated Learning Curve:

Structured, tailored lessons expedite the learning curve, with lesson goals and plans personalised to all our customers, learning to surf has never been easier. With many of our beginner surfers going from being in the sea once to turning left and right on an unbroken wave, our 3-day beginner to improver course is structured perfectly to excel our customers with their surfing. Our lessons allow you to practice on your own without an instructor which in turn further progresses your surfing skills. 

Equipment Expertise:

Ever felt like you have ‘all the gear and no idea?’ well not when you’ve had lessons with us. In your surf lessons, you’ll be guided through the different pieces of surf equipment used. Whether that’s the different thicknesses of summer suits vs winter or the different boards, leashes, and accessories such as boots, gloves and hoods. Understanding the gear you’re using and why will enhance your surfing experience for all future surfs. Simply using the correct board for the surf conditions can make a huge impact on how that surf will go, or ensuring your wetsuit is thick enough for the conditions will allow you to surf for longer. Again, improving how long you can practice for, ultimately leads to quicker progression.

Community and Friendships:

Surfing can be a rather intimidating sport for beginners with some sticking to only one beach or on busier days being too nervous to paddle out in the crowds alone. The great thing about surfing is the large friendly community that is always happy to welcome new surfers in. With endless open surf groups, clubs and online communities you’ll never be short of a surfing buddy. One such option outside of our surf school is The Wave Project, who aim to improve young people’s mental well-being as well as make surfing more accessible for those with disabilities. Additionally, our surf school isn’t only open to bookings and hire but also for those who want a chat about the conditions or general surf fun, with end-of-day staff surfs that are open to all, we believe that the community is one of the key aspects of surfing. 

Health and Fitness Benefits:

Surfing has huge positive effects on physical and mental wellbeing. The physical benefits are limitless with benefits to your cardiovascular system when surfing, muscle strengthening exercises when popping up, paddling or pushing through waves, surfing will improve your health for the short and long term. With surfing, we often highly recommend yoga afterwards to loosen those worked muscles and just let your body heal from the intense exercise. Surfing opens the door to more holistic health practices focusing on breath work, rejuvenation and healing. Along with physical benefits, surfing is known to have positive effects on mental well-being. Being outdoors, surfing by yourself or with like-minded surfers can take a bad day and make it a great one. 

Investing in Surf Lessons with Wavehunters:

Overall, surf lessons are an investment to improve not only skills but also safety, knowledge and overall experience. Let yourself experience the never-ending long-term benefits and joy that come with taking the first step into the world of surfing. At Wavehunters we pride ourselves on fun, professional surf lessons that are guaranteed to excel your skill and help progress you to the next level. Choose either Watergate Bay or Polzeath Beach for both private or group lessons run by our highly qualified instructors and you will not be disappointed.


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