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Wavehutners are the only surf school and surf hire facility on Polzeath beach.

We’re here seven days a week from 08:30 until 18:00 in the summer months (a little less in winter) and you can book our boat trips as well as surf and SUP lessons and hire everything you need for a fun day in the water.

On the beach, you’ll also find a café on the sand next to our school. Grab a wholesome meal or a hot coffee and take a moment to relax after a surf session or prepare for your next one!

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  • How many surf lessons would it take me to stand up?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone is unique. However, we would hope to get everyone standing and getting a bit of a feel for the sport that we love so much in the first session. We suggest having a number of lessons to improve on stability, control, turning and length of ride.

  • What is the youngest age you can teach surfing?

    Within a private session we have had as young as 3! However, we would recommend 6 or 7 is a good age for starting out. We do have an age restriction on our group lessons of 7 years old to allow the Instructor to spread their time more evenly across the group. During a private lesson we can accept any age. We also ask that a parent or teacher is available on shoreline for younger students.

  • When can/should I move onto a smaller board that I can duck dive and paddle outback?

    We would highly recommend sticking to bigger foam boards until you have learned how to turn left and right on a smaller green waves. Moving onto smaller boards too soon can really hinder and hold back the speed of your improvement.

  • What is the best tide to surf at Polzeath beach?

    We are lucky to be able to run our lessons on Polzeath, as due to how flat the beach is we can teach throughout the tidal range.

  • Do your Surf Lessons go ahead even if it’s raining?

    Our sessions will go ahead whatever the weather however, in the unlikely event the beach is red flagged for safety reasons by the lifeguards or we feel that it is unsafe, we will postpone your session to a time that suits you or offer a refund.

  • How long is my surf lesson?

    Surf lessons are two hours long.

  • Is equipment included for surf/SUP lessons?

    Yes, we provide all equipment and leaving extra time before your session to get ready is recommended.