"When Wavehunters was launched all those years ago, it was pretty obvious from early on, that the surf school industry was tailored to tourists."

"There was nothing for locals and it always surprised me how many locals didn’t surf, even those that could see the sea from their house. Without any plan we helped a few locals get into surfing, locals we knew well from 10 year olds to 20 year olds and it just became obvious that the need was there.

Grom club started as a surf club for locals to learn to surf but in fact in grew into something totally different. We always subsidised locals schools and locals to have the same opportunity with surfing as holiday makers but although we have taught lots and lots of locals to surf we actually created something different. The surf school naturally became a place to hang out, socialise, work and grow.

Here are a few examples of kids that started on the wetsuit bucket, in the Groms club, or applying for working experience and have created their own niches and wonderful lives."

Andy Cameron


Tommy Potterton

From Polzeath to Costa Rica

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Tommy started working for Wavehunters from the age of 13 washing wetsuits, digging holes for flags and running coffees, all for £10 a day. But he quickly learnt that if he did a good job he was allowed to watch the surf lessons and that's how he learnt to surf. Fast forward to now and after rising through the ranks from Hire Manager to Senior Coach, Beach Manager then Operations Director, Tommy soon caught the travel bug and off he went to Costa Rica where he now heads up his own company surf.


Sam Ogden-Newton

Reluctant grom to top instructor

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Sam's Wavehunters story began when he was four. His parents grew tired of him and his brother fighting all the time so dropped them at the Wavehunters door. Kicking and screaming, and refusing to put his wetsuit on, he was dragged to the sea. Ironically he's now a surf instructor at Wavehunters, and after falling in love with surfing he's never looked back. He had to admit to his parents that he is incredibly grateful for not only getting him surf lessons, but also choosing Wavehunters as he's met some of his closest mates with us and feels right at home when he goes to Polzeath beach.


Jonny V

From student to teacher

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Known as Johnny/Johnny V/JV and forever to be seen with a swelly under his arm Johnny progressed through the Wavehunters ranks after (don’t tell Andy!) learning to surf across the other side of the beach. Through Wavehunters Johnny was able to bag himself 2 years of the American summer camp dream and passed on this connection to another Wavehunters graduate. He is now training to become a primary teacher in Cornwall.


Clara Jonas

From catching waves to drawing them

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Clara discovered Wavehunters on a Wednesday after-school-club when she was 14. She caught the surfing bug and then qualified as a surf instructor and worked with us for a few years, before working in France and then launching her own freelance business. She now enjoys a work/life balance rooted in the outdoors and the ocean. She is an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer, and a lot of her work is with small businesses in the surf industry or those seeking more sustainable ways of doing business.


"Lots of people have been through this unofficial school of hard knocks and have gone on to amazing challenges and careers, I’m so proud to be part of their lives, invest in their companies, go to their weddings or just go for a surf with them."

"We have ended up investing in our people and communities. Wavehunters is not just about surf lessons and boat trips, the team create an atmosphere which helps people aspire but also feel they have an opportunity to grow.

We welcome local kids from 5 years of age to our Groms Club sessions, encouraging safe fun in the surf. We are truly privileged to see many grow up to become valued staff/crew on the beach and no matter where their journey may take them, they remain our friends for life and part of our cherished Wavehunters family."

Andy Cameron

Groms Club

Getting kids into the sea from a young age and learning how to be safe and surf can help their confidence and mental and physical wellbeing.

Our local Groms club runs 3 afternoons a week (Sunday 4pm, Tuesday & Friday 4.30pm) from the beginning of June through to the end of July. The joining fee is £40 per child with each session then being £10 per child.

This is a club exclusively to those living locally and proof of address may be required.

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