Introducing Jack

I’m Jack and you’ve most likely seen me running up and down the beach.

Introducing Jack

About Me

Firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Jack. If you have visited Wavehunters in the past, you’ve most likely seen me running up and down the beach capturing photographs of you all surfing.

I have now taken on the role of running the surf school and have been busy this winter getting it ready and looking awesome for you all, for when everyone can travel again.

Before Covid halted all travel, I explored the world from the mountains to the tropics, learning about different cultures and sports. After my previous winter in the mountains working in a ski rental shop, I was taken aback by the amount of top-end kit hired out to customers, it was expertly tailored to suit the level of skier, as well being perfect for the current snow conditions. I had a lightbulb moment. Why couldn’t that same setup be transferred into the surfing world? I’ll come back to this in more detail, but firstly lets get you all up to speed with what I’ve been up to during the winter, as this is the question I am always asked!

After working nearly everyday of the season I was very much looking forward to a bit of down time! I think the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for” as on my first day of Wavehunters being properly closed for the Winter, I had a positive test for Covid. Fortunately I was very lucky and never became ill or had any symptoms. Being a very outdoors kind of guy, I really struggled with being inside for such a long time. I even had a go at playing Playstation! I think it’s safe to say it’s not my thing, I quickly put it away and went back to organising my photography albums.

Some of you know my dog Cedar, who has been enjoying a winter at home roaming his familiar coastal walks, whilst I photograph the Winter storms. We’ve had some crazy storms here, coupled with incredibly strong winds!

Anyway that’s enough about me, lets get back to our newly hatched plan…..

Hire & Delivery

It turns out that Andy had the same thoughts as myself with regard to kit hire, and we’ve bought a van which is being branded up as we speak. It’s going to become our new Hire Delivery vehicle. This will mean that rather than you coming down to the beach, we can come to you.

Getting into a cold wet wetsuit outside in the elements is horrible, trust me, I have done it many times! However, I am lucky and also able to enjoy the wonders of getting into my kit to go surfing in the warmth of home. It’s so much nicer! (No sand, no cold feet and you can come back and jump straight in the shower – we do recommend rinsing off any sand first as blocked drains don’t go down well with accommodation providers). Happy days. With this new and unique service that we’re looking to provide, you can book your surfing equipment online and have it delivered to your accommodation. This means you have more time to enjoy your holiday and less time trying to organise the family.

New Boards

We’ve also recently teamed up with a number of different local board providers, to make sure that we have the perfect board for you!

Let’s start with our good old Swelly, these were the first surf school boards and are indestructible, soft and a great starting point for any surfer wishing to stand for the first time. They ooze with enjoyment, so much so that even experienced surfers will take them out on small days!

Our range of Swellys have all be dried and re-skinned to make sure they don’t hold water and provide more enjoyment.

Moving on, we have also teamed up with the guys at Alder who have provided us with a range of beginner/intermediate boards, including the highly desirable Highline! The feedback from this board last summer was amazing and I’ve even managed to get out on the 7’6’” model a number of times, I love it! It’s a hard-cored board with a slick bottom, soft top and a three-fin set up for extra drive and hold on the wave. The hard core makes it perform more like a hard board, while still maintaining the float and paddle speed of a classic soft board.

This range of boards is perfect for those looking to start turning in the white water, right up to their first out-back green waves. My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to take their surfing further, is the stick to these boards until you’ve learned to change direction on a green wave in both directions.

Finally, brand new this year we have a new range of fun hardboards from a local shaper called Escape Surfboards. If you fancy giving a hard board a go for the first time or if you’ve come down to the beach and found the conditions not so favourable for your own board, we can provide you with something much more fun. These boards are recommended for experienced surfers who are standing and riding green waves.

We have everything from fishes with plenty of volume to get you through those flatter sections to 9 foot logs! For those tranquil sunset peelers and everything in between!

All of our boards come in a range of sizes to suit ability and age, and all of them are available to order online, delivered directly to your door.

As well as surfboards, we stock Alder wetsuits boots and gloves in a wide range of sizes to keep you warm in the ocean. Again, these are all available to order for delivery.