A Word From Andy

What an unconventional 12 months we have had! We've kept busy this winter and our team have spent lockdown(s) working hard.

A Word From Andy

Hello everyone,

What an unconventional 12 months we have had. however, we have been kept busy this winter, our team have spent lockdown(s) working hard on your feedback, our strengths, and expansion plans.   Thanks to you all, we’ve come a long way since 2004 and we look forward to 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism and energy…

We always love hearing from you, and we want to reach out to you, as valued friends of Wavehunters, to touch on what we’re doing ‘new and improved’ this year, but equally to invite you to contribute with all your amazing ideas and inspirations…

Our news is exciting, some plans are ready but more are still in the pipeline!…

Advanced Booking made even Easier

Last year you loved the online booking service.  Having the confidence to plan, book and go. It was a record year for online bookings so much so it’s become the best way to book.  We want that to be as frictionless as possible, so we’ve listened, and we’ve invested.

Work is well underway to make our booking process more intuitive, on more platforms and simpler to add all you want to do this summer with us.  We are building a whole new interface too, putting you in control of your agenda, making sure you don’t miss out.


We are adding a third vessel for 2021!!

More Choice

Last year you wanted more flexibility, exclusivity, and choice.  We listened and added Mini Private charters, Semi-Private trips, kid-friendly 90-minute durations, nature-loving extended trips, and the traditional mixed group safaris.   The feedback was amazing, thank you all. This has proved so popular with groups, friends, and families alike that we are extending this in 2021.

Making it easier and more affordable than ever to have the choice of trip or charter to suit you.

Port Isaac to Padstow by sea

Each year we are asked to run dedicated trips from Padstow to Port Isaac, with the opportunity to get off the boat and explore the village for a few hours.  We understand why, it’s a popular and beautiful working village and harbour, yet difficult to reach and park on the cliff tops.

We’ve listened and we are making this happen. Our tech guys are even working on ways you can track us online, so you can enjoy your time ashore at your own pace and know where we are for your return.


We followed good advice from Surf England for Covid19, you loved the pre-bookable private lessons, so much so, we sold out almost every day and it’s now the new norm.  We are already confirming bookings for 2021 for those planning their stay.  We learned so much too about working with private groups, our instructors were able to offer flexibility around mixed abilities, so everyone in the family/group had a great session.

That said, we want to include everyone wherever possible so we’ve listened to everyone to ensure we can still offer group sessions as guidance/rules permit.


You wanted more variety in boards, so we’ve teamed up with our local shaper, Bill, at Escape and now we will have a whole rack of 30 custom boards on top of our regularly updated hire stock for all shapes and sizes.

Hire Delivery

We are mobile!  Pre-bookable deliveries and collections will be available this year…  All new kit, to reserve and be delivered in our new custom van. The kit will include stand-up paddle boards already packed away in a rucksack so you can take them wherever you want to paddle, helping you organise in advance and make the most of your 2021 stays.


The same as last year; we are running classes on the main beach, everyone loved the lack of kit we used so we are going to stay focused on these types of classes, but add in a few more timings for yoga.

And more…

Yes, there is actually even more new and exciting things to come, which I am bursting to share, as soon as the team will let me!!
For now,  we want more of your amazing ideas, scribbles and insights.  It genuinely shapes what we do, its core to our vision, and where we seek to go next.

Please, please, please, drop me an email to

We can’t wait to hear from you, listen, and welcome you here very soon…

Andy (and all the Wavehunters Team)