What to expect from your first surf lesson

Surfing, an exhilarating sport that blends adrenaline and nature, has captivated individuals of all ages for generations. Your first surf lesson will be both invigorating and educational, kick starting your surfing journey off the right way. Below is what you can anticipate from your surf lesson, ensuring you’re prepared to start catching some waves with confidence. 

first surf lesson

Safety First

At the beginning of your lesson, your instructor will provide you with a thorough safety briefing, covering Lifeguard flags and their meanings, rip currents, tides, safety signals and most importantly how to protect yourself in the water. Surfing, while fun, is not without potential dangers and this part of the lesson is key to your success in surfing alone. 

The basics of Surfing

Next the instructor will move onto the foundational concepts of surfing. They will guide you through the anatomy of a surfboard, the importance of correct positioning, posture and stance. You will be shown how to mount and dismount the board as well as how to control it in the water. You will also be taught correct paddling technique. This will start on the beach on a board and will then be used in practice in the sea. Without these foundations, you won’t be able to progress further than broken waves. 

Catching your first waves

Now, it’s then time to catch some waves! Starting with small, gentle waves, the instructor will begin with you catching up to waist high broken waves. This will allow you to find your confidence on the board and give the instructor a chance to help apply what you’ve learnt on the sand, in the sea. The instructor will focus on coaching you through wave selection, paddle timings and will ensure your position on the board is correct. Giving you the best chance to catch the waves. 

Getting up on the board

Finally comes the fun part, standing up. Once you have mastered the art of catching a wave lying down, the instructor will teach you how to ‘pop up’, a term describing how to get to standing. There are several different methods to this, in which the instructor will find the best one for you, ensuring you will end the lesson on your feet. No matter your age, flexibility or mobility there is a method for you. The best bit to this part of your lesson, is everytime you fall you will be closer to the perfect ‘pop-up’.  

Staying Patient and Positive

Surfing can be a frustrating sport, and with every wave comes a new challenge. In our instructors’ positive hands they will rid you of that frustration and motivate you to try again. Importantly be patient with yourself, the experts are still learning too. We all have to start somewhere, and beginning your surfing journey positively will help you excel quicker, come rain or shine. 

With Wavehunters, you are in safe hands that aim to educate and inspire all to enjoy surfing and the sea. We run lessons throughout the year with highly experienced instructors ready to support you through your surfing journey. As we often say, just ‘Get out there!’