Learn to Surf at Any Age: Embracing the Waves of Adventure

Surfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a chance to connect with nature and push your physical and mental boundaries in fun, invigorating new ways. And the best part? It’s never too late to learn to ride the waves, whether you are a teenager, toddler, parent or retiree seeking new experiences, your surfing journey can begin when you decide. 

surfing lessons

There’s Never a Wrong Time to Learn

More often than ever, the surfing stereotype has been broken and is proving that adventure and fun knows no boundaries. 

A common concern about taking surfing up later in life is physical fitness. As a surf school we can adapt your surfing to tailor to your personal fitness level. As a sport, it is not a one size fits all, but with a variety of board lengths and styles there is something for everyone, no matter their fitness level. As a sport it provides a full-body workout, enhancing cardiovascular health, building upper body strength, and improves balance. You do not need to be at peak physical fitness to surf as the surfing will naturally improve that for you. With over 20 years experience, Wavehunters has recognised the diverse needs of their students and has created a multitude of adapted methods accordingly. 

Not only will surfing improve your physical fitness but it will also significantly improve your mental health and wellbeing. Learning to surf allows no room for day to day stresses, when you are in the ocean your focus realigns with the sea, allowing a unique form of relaxation and rejuvenation that can positively impact your health. 

Surfing can be a sport you enjoy on your own or with others. Whether you are a retiree seeking companionship or a professional looking to unwind, the surfing community welcomes you with open arms. Share stories, tips and mutually encourage each other to progress, the thrill of catching waves with friends is unbeatable. 

Overall, surfing is an inclusive, friendly sport for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Do not feel nervous or intimidated, the surfing community is there to help with surfing groups across the coast. Just ‘get out there’.