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Fitness classes designed for everyone; whether you want to maintain your fitness or this is the start of a new fitness journey, we have something for you! Our classes range from High tempo intervals, cardio and resistance, through to rewarding and revitalising yoga, mobility and core. Come and join us on Polzeath beach every morning for what can surely only be described as the best way to start the day.


Due to Covid -19 we are not running any classes with kit this year, therefore sadly our Beach Boxing class will not be running and our Circuit class will be slightly different this year to avoid any risk and keeping with the rules, regulations and social distancing. 

If you have your own fitness mat we highly encourage you to bring it down to the beach for any and every class, we will provide mats to those that don't, but please still bring a towel! 

And finally all class bookings must be done online. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope that you come down and enjoy some great fitness on the beach, we can't wait to see you! 

To book multiple lessons simply click the blue 'Add Fitness' button when you reach the shopping cart stage of the booking journey.


Experience our fitness classes

Our experienced instructors will guarantee that you get the most out of the class, and will be their to motivate you and guide you through each class. With 2 time slots available in the morning and one in the evening there is plenty of options to make fitness part of your holiday; whether your an early bird or not pick a time that works best for you. You be done and dusted before the day begins, or finish the day on a high.

Gift vouchers are also available to buy online.

Classes Price
1 x Class £10 p/p
2 x Classes £20 p/p
3 x Classes £30 p/p
4 x Classes £36 p/p
5 x Classes £45 p/p
Private Classes
£60 for 1-4 people + £10 per extra head 


*Please note we need a minimum of three people to run a class. In the unlikely event you are the only participant booked on, we may have to reschedule your class time. 



Fitness Timetable


Day / Time 07:30 - 08:15 08:15 - 09:00 18:00 - 18:45





 Movement, Mobility & Core 








Tuesday  Yoga  



Movement, Mobility and Core  






 Mobility, Movement and Core









* Our Mobility Movement and Core class hasn't been added on to our online booking system yet so in the meantime to find out more or to book these classes please call 07791 288892 or drop us an email to [email protected].

Mobility Movement and Core - A system of exercises that gives control and range of movement to the joints and muscles. Using a number of different techniques that work with the central nervous system, Functional Fitness can increase strength and body awareness, act as injury prevention and gives people prerequisites of mobility to be able to work hard, train better and life their life comfortably.



What classes suit you?

Below are the class types that we offer this season.


Beach HIIT

Beach HIIT

Its High Tempo, Testing and will push you to the max – the ultimate beach workout!

Circuits beach classes

Total Body Circuits

Cardio, core, resistance and more. This class has it covered

Beach Boxing Cornwall

Beach Boxing

A high tempo, cardio soaring and body working boxing class.

Core Crusher Classes

Core Crusher

A class to concentrate on the core and stubborn areas of the body, followed by deep, relaxing stretching.

Beach Yoga Cornwall

Beach Yoga

This class works on balance, strength and core control.


SUP Yoga & Fitness

Take your paddle boarding skills to a whole new level with this exciting collaboration of fitness and yoga.

Private Fitness Classes

Private Sessions

With our unique mobile service train when you want wherever you want.

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  • Beach Fitness Classes at Polzeath in Cornwall


"Millie's SUP Yoga class was such an incredible experience. I've done Yoga before but never on the ocean so combing my two loves really worked. It's the ultimate core work out and ideal for mindfulness. "

Lauren W, July 2018

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