Experience the Magic of Evening Water Taxi Trips

By now, many of you know the true hidden beauty of our magnificent Cornish coastline from dry land but not many have experienced the view from the sea. We run the local Water taxi service every evening from Rock to Padstow. This 5 minute trip will leave you awe-struck as you cruise along the estuary during golden hour, offering unparalleled views of the sun setting over the sea. 

water taxi


This journey will allow you to experience Cornwall’s coastal villages and towns in a whole new light – or rather, the soft glow of evening. Our Water taxi trips present a charming blend of quaintness and vibrancy as you glide past fishing boats, warmly lit coastal villages and quietness as the coast transitions into night. 

Our Water Taxi presents an eco-friendly mode of travel by minimising the carbon footprint compared to conventional transportation options. Embrace sustainable tourism by opting for the Water taxi which will contribute to the preservation of Cornwall’s pristine natural environment. 

This 5 minute journey is the perfect way to end an evening meal or walk, with no worries of driving or parking, just show up at any time and hop on. We operate throughout summer and over the Christmas period, a quick and convenient extra to your time in Cornwall.