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"We were nervous when we arrived at the surf school, my wife is not a strong swimmer, the guys put as totally at ease and we even managed to stand up (for a second!) we booked for one session and upgraded to the three day course. So much fun and such a great location."

Martin Jones, Tue 13th June 2017

"We went out on a 2hr boat ride, which was an incredible experience that we would recommend for everyone. Beautiful, dramatic coastline and lots of interesting snippets of local history as we pulled up into stunning little coves and old ports on the way. We were lucky enough to see 3 seals sunbathing on rocks and bobbing in the sea, which was lovely. Also the ladies that were organising the tours, could not have been nicer and went above and beyond to ensure we all got to go out together. Highly recommend that you don't miss out on this incredible experience. 10 out of 10!"

Oliver M, Tue 6th June 2017

"Andy and his team are legends!!! We come back for more and more every year. Best beaches and surf team I know!!"

Sarah Hay, Sat 20th May 2017

"Our boys (7&5) have been learning with Wavehunters for the last two years and have loved it. They can't wait for half term so they can get back in the surf!"

Tim Marshall, Sat 20th May 2017

"Our daughter had her first ever surf lesson and experience of surfing....... something she loved so much, got her standing up on the board! Great instructions and guidance from her instructor. Great value for money. Gave her confidence and an amazing experience. "

Katie J, Church, Tue 28th February 2017

"The surf lesson was great fun! Johnny was friendly and full of energy, which helped me feel confident and enthused about the experience. There were seven of us in the group which felt like a reasonable number of people to be teaching at one time, and the two hour session made me feel much more positive about attempting it alone next time."

Tom Shilton, Sun 26th February 2017

"Brilliant two hour sea safari today, the wonderful weather and calm seas helped, but also felt totally relaxed as the rib raced across the water. Our guide clearly knew the local area and coastline, full of interesting information, and we did indeed see puffins, Dolphins, a seal, and even a bizarre sun fish! Highly recommended. "

Alistair M, Fri 24th February 2017

"Our skipper for the trip was Andy, also a helmsman at the Port Isaac lifeboat station, who has a wealth of knowledge of the marine environment and local area. Andy took us out for a two hour trip where we saw a lot of bird life but sadly no dolphins (each of the other trips that day had been lucky). The trip was peppered with stops to hear stories of the land and people as well as the sea, which our kids (age range 3-6 ish) loved. One of your younger ones fell as sleep despite the chop. Loved it!"

Robbie B, Tue 14th February 2017

"Andy and the team had all our kids standing up within 30 mins of the lesson starting. Our kids (range 5-8) enjoyed their relaxed style and their use of other games kept everyone warm and engaged throughout the two hours. I watched from the beach with my 3 year old but would have preferred to have got stuck in with some of the other parents who either took part in the lesson or were just getting involved. I didn't think my five year old would stick it out but she did - thanks wave hunters! "

Andy M, Mon 16th January 2017

"Jack and his team were brilliant. Jack managed to engaged the various ages of our family: from a reluctant teenager, enthusiastic adolescent, unsure 10 year old and middle aged mother. We all were able to enjoy the waves and thinking of coming back for more. Even my 70 year old mother enjoyed chatting to the 'guys' in the hut and playing with the surfing spaniel Lola. "

Jessica D, Thu 5th January 2017


Have you experienced Wavehunters? Leave a comment below




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