Advanced: Advanced skills on the menu

Advanced lessons are customised to suit your surfing ability. We’ll work with you to design a lesson plan and we’ll use creative coaching techniques to help you perfect the skills that you want. We can teach you how to pull off tricky manoeuvres, like Off the Top/Lip, Cutback, Floater, Re-entry; or on a Longboard we can show you how to Cross Step and Hang 5.

We have a photographer on hand and the option of video analysis, so if you choose to do a course with us we can review each lesson to help you learn more effectively. We’ll also equip you with a complete knowledge of surf etiquette and wave hunting tips. So once we’ve finished together, you’ll be ready for a lifetime of independent surf adventures.

(These lessons require booking in advance so that we can make sure the right instructors are available and the conditions/groups are appropriate.)

iAM band level: Skilled + Expert