Based in Polzeath we offer a range of surf and sea equipment available for hire. We have boards ranging in sizes and ranging in construction from 5″6 fibre glass thrusters to 9″ softboards. We also have summer and winter wetsuits and equipment. Speak to the guys on the hire for advise on where to purchase the hardware and equipment that’s right for you.

item per hour per day per week
Soft Board £5 £15 £60
Hard Board £8 £20 £100
Belly Board £5 £10 £35
Body Board £5 £10 £35
Stand Up Paddleboard £10 N/A N/A
Wetsuit £5 £12 £35
Boots/Gloves/Hoods/Fins £2 £5 £12
* We do require a driving license or a bank card as a form of deposit and customers are held liable for any damage to any of the equipment.